Crypto currencies @ KIKA четврток 19.03.15 19:00

Oвој четврток ќе зборуваме за crypto-currencies. Гостин ќе биде Taulant Ramabaja.
Taulant Ramabaja is the CEO and cofounder of, a crypto startup development shop. Bitsapphire has been working with several crypto current and Blockchain startups over the last year. Taulant has been working on Bitcoin related projects since early 2010.

Bitsapphire has so far built a freelancing and arbitration platform for (started by a employee), successfully organized the crowdfunding campaign for and raised half a million USD in Bitcoin for the US company. The music platform will be unveiled on March 28th at the Texas Bitcoin Conference. Other partners include (a decentralized exchange and prediction market) and (an on the spot low risk crypto dealer). Bitsapphire is currently working on two internal projects, one is, a fully ope source light wallet for multiple blockchains and a decentralized exchange interface. The second project is still in stealth mode and called Pactum.

Taulant will present the ideas behind Pactum to the Skopje hackerspace and where he sees the industry evlovling.

Anybody interested in Bitcoin, Blochain tech, flow based programming, smart contracts, game and systems theory, is more than welcome to attend.

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Се гледаме во четврток во 19:00 часот!

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