Програмерски вечери Четврток

Оваа вечер ќе го гледаме Google Hangout-от со Aaron Seigo.

Tonight's agenda will look like this:

  • Introduction: why the hell am I doing this?
  • Four dot Ten: A preview of why the upcoming 4.10 releases of KDE's Platform, Workspaces and Applications are interesting and exciting
  • Onwards to Five: Reflections of the plans for Frameworks 5 and Plasma Workspaces 2 as revealed in the last week across various people's blogs
  • Open source groupware: More public tenders for open source groupware are appearing, but are they "for real" .. and Kolab 3.
  • The Meditation Chamber: this is where the audience will be invited to join in the conversation with (topical) topics of interest and questions to share. We'll ruminate on it together while avoiding it becoming a vapid chamber of echoes. Or so I hope :) So if you are able to show up, come with ideas for us to discuss! Compelling topics that deserve a more complete examination may even become the topic of future shows ...
Почетокот е точно во 19:00 - што значи ќе бидеме таму порано.

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